Today, the memory of smartphones used in both business and private life can fill up despite high-capacity storage areas and leave users in a difficult situation. In this article, we will talk about what to do when the storage space on your phone is full and what the memory upgrade information is.

What to do when the phone memory is full?

When your phone's memory is full, the first thing you need to do is to determine what is taking up the most memory. Tap Settings, then Storage to see the ones that are straining the memory. In general, the ones that take up the most memory are applications, pictures, music, sound recordings and videos. You can free up space in your smartphone's memory by reviewing them and deleting unnecessary or unused data.

How to free up enough space on the phone?

When you encounter the not enough space on the phone warning, try turning the phone on and off again, even if you never thought of such a problem. This will allow you to reset the excess load on the RAM. Cache data of applications also takes up space in the device's memory. Applications create temporary files on your phone to run faster. Over time, these files can reach sizes you can never imagine. Especially, the cache files of large applications take up a lot of space. Even deleting a few of them may be enough to free up your phone memory.

How to free up internal storage?

Although the storage space of mobile phones varies according to the brand and model, as they are used over time, the need to empty the storage space arises. The first solution for this would be to increase the storage capacity by using a microSD card. While this is possible on Android phones, iPhones do not have a microSD card slot. Even if your phone does not have a microSD card, you can use USB storage to increase capacity. With the USB OTG cable, you can easily back up photos and videos to another storage source.

How to change device storage settings?

If you have an SD card inserted in your Android device, you can then store your pictures either in memory or in SD card. When you insert an SD card into your phone, the device asks you where to store the pictures. Once you answer the question, the pictures you take from now on will always be stored there. You can use Google One in Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos as storage.

How to make SD card storage?

Preferring SD cards on phones that support memory cards saves lives at many points. At this point, it is an important detail to choose the memory card correctly. When buying an SD card, you should pay attention not only to the storage space of the SD card, but also to the reading and writing speed of the card.


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