What is RAM?

RAM (Random Access Memory) is the hardware where the information on your device is stored temporarily and in the fastest way. In short, it's your phone's short-term memory. This is also the part where RAM is separated from the actual storage. For example, when you send a video file to your phone, the storage permanently stores this file and opens it for you whenever you want. RAM temporarily stores all the processes running while you are using your phone and hibernates it, assuming you will need this information at any time. The hardware that allows you to listen to music while browsing social media is RAM. Therefore, it is one of the most important factors affecting the performance of smartphones.RAM

What will happen if the amount of RAM is not enough?

If the amount of RAM is too low, you may find that the fluency in your smartphone's interface is not enough. You may experience slowdowns and hang-ups when switching menus, opening contacts or browsing your photo album. Where the effect of RAM is most felt is the use of multiple applications. Every software you run in the background takes up RAM in addition to the operating system. 

How much RAM should a smartphone have?  

“Is the RAM in my phone enough?”, “How much RAM should a smartphone have?” Actually, it's about the performance you expect from the device. RAM allows you to access information much faster than the actual storage. The more operations you perform on your smartphone, the higher the required RAM capacity. If you use your mobile phone only for making calls and simple transactions such as WhatsApp, "Is 2 GB RAM enough on the phone?" The answer will be positive. However, if you use a lot of apps on your smartphone, use social media apps heavily, or play heavy games like PUBG mobile, you need much more RAM.

We can say that the amount of RAM that should be in smartphones today is 6 GB on average. If your budget is not enough for a phone with 6 GB of RAM, you can also look at models with 4 GB of RAM, but we do not recommend going below 4 GB. The "the more, the better" logic works here as well. With the developing technology, more complex and larger applications come out, naturally the amount of RAM required for these applications also increases. Currently, smartphone models with up to 12 GB of RAM are available in the market. 12 GB of RAM may be a bit too much for today, a 6 GB or 8 GB model will be enough. If you plan to use the phone you will buy for many years, considering the situation a few years later, you can also turn to models with 12 GB of RAM.


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