You may witness that your phone, which you keep with you almost all day, cannot run some applications at the required speed, hangs or even shuts down. Such situations, which are directly related to the processors of the phones, can be experienced even in high-end smartphones. At this point, the importance of the processor in your phone comes into play. When answering the question of what a phone processor is, it is useful to look at what the processor does on the phone. The processors, which are considered the brains of the phones, are among the most important hardware as they directly affect the device speed. 

phone processor

What is the most common function of a phone processor?

The most basic function of phone processors, which include various brands, models, technologies and features, is the processing speed of the device. Therefore, if your phone does not have a processor for your needs, you may encounter problems such as freezing, stuttering, slowing down or shutting down, so the phone can not be used efficiently anymore. As a result, you need to know the processors and know the performance improvement steps in order not to deal with problems such as phone processor failure and to benefit from efficient processes such as increasing phone processor speed.

What are the types of a phone processor?

The answers to the question also vary according to the processor characteristics. For example, processor types such as dual-core, quad-core or octa-core express the number of cores in the device, while data such as 32bit or 64bit represent the processing rate that the device can perform per second. Although you cannot change the processor of your phone according to your expectations, as with computers, whether iOS or Android. Regardless of the operating system, you can follow certain steps and get the maximum efficiency from your phone in terms of speed. 

The methods you can choose to increase the phone processor are these:

  • You can change the startup manager on your phone, also known as "Launcher". With a more user-friendly, less resource-consuming launcher, you can significantly improve the performance of your phone in general.
  • You can remove unnecessary applications that you may overlook, or you can prefer Lite versions, which are the lighter versions of resource-consuming applications such as Facebook. Thus, you can speed up your phone up to 15%.
  • Although antivirus applications ensure the security of your phone, they also cause the device to slow down significantly because they control every process. So, you can also uninstall antivirus apps to speed up your phone.
  • One of the most often overlooked simple actions is restarting the phone. Phones that are not turned off for days, weeks or even months can cause slowdown, especially since applications running in the background will accumulate over time. That's why you should restart your phone from time to time.


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