Smart mobile phones are among the indispensables of our lives. It makes our lives easier in many areas from banking services to official services. For this reason, it has become more important to have highly equipped and powerful phones. When the prices of technological products increase, everyone asks, "How many years is a smartphone used?" What is the lifespan of a smartphone? What should be done to use it longer? 

A phone that is not well equipped can expire in a short time. This can cause you to constantly have to deal with new expenses. Therefore, before buying a new phone, it is necessary to know its features. If you are wondering what the average smartphone life is and how many years a smartphone is used, you should definitely read our article.

What is the average lifespan of a phone?

The lifespan of a phone is almost two years if the device is to be operated at full capacity at peak efficiency (You can find the statistics here). Some devices do not receive updates after two years. Unfortunately, the phone that does not receive updates causes freezing and crashes. In addition, some phones may not be able to keep up with this update, even if they receive an update after many years. If an exceptional malfunction does not occur in your device, we can say that a phone that adapts to the conditions of the period you purchased can operate at high efficiency for at least 2 years, and can offer an above average efficiency for 5 years in total.

What can be done to extend smartphone life?

  • Applications running in the background can tire your phone after a point. You can completely close the apps you don't use.
  • You may have opened many e-mail or social media accounts for different reasons. This data causes your phone to get tired. You should close the accounts that are open on your phone that you do not use.
  • You should periodically clear the cache.
  • You should protect your phone from very cold and very hot temperatures.
  • You can turn off your phone at night so that your battery does not run out and your device rests.
  • Animated wall photos, screen widgets cause the phone to waste energy. You can choose simpler designs for your phone.
  • Keep track of device and software updates.


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