With the rapid development of the age, improvements are made not only in people's living standards but also in science and technology. We use a wide variety of electronic products, such as mobile phones, more and more frequently. However, it is important to take care of such products to ensure they can be used safely and effectively. Periodic phone maintenance is essential to maximize the performance of your device.

phone maintenance

Do not expose your cell phone to the sun or rain

Exposure of mobile phones to sun and rain cause damage especially to LCD screens, which are the most important parts of the phones and the most expensive part in terms of spare parts. If the phone has been exposed to water or used in heavy rain, dry your device as soon as possible. If the phone gets seriously wet, the device should not be turned on immediately. In humid areas, the moisture of the mobile phone may damage the parts inside. It would be better to show your device to professional technical service as soon as possible.

Do not try to open the phone

This can cause damage and be dangerous if you don't know much about phones and how they work. If you do not have detailed information about how to open your device and how to repair it, do not open your device. Otherwise, your device may become unusable or you may face costs for repair.

Take care of your phone properly

If you know some daily maintenance methods, they will be very useful to your phone. The simplest daily method is using a cell phone case. The cases will minimize the impacts and abrasions applied to the phone and will ensure long-lasting use. The cases will also be able to protect your phone against liquid contacts. Some cases may not be resistant to high temperatures. Therefore, it is useful to be more careful in hot environments.

Be careful how you carry it

Everyone has different ways of carrying a cell phone, but some methods can increase the chance of damage. For example, carrying a phone in the back pocket of your pants can cause it to fall while walking or cause the phone case to become warped and damaged if you accidentally sit down. 

How to extend the lifespan of the cell phone?

There are many rumors about this. But let's list the most important things to do:

  • Keep your mobile phone and accessories out of the reach of children as much as possible.
  • Keep your mobile phone dry. Rain, moisture, and liquids all contain minerals that can damage sensitive electronic circuit boards.
  • Do not use or store your mobile phone in dusty or dirty places, otherwise, the circuit or key components may be damaged. Devices used in dusty environments often face handset problems and speaker problems.
  • Do not store your phone where it can overheat. High temperatures can cause deformation by damaging batteries or melting some of the plastic parts, shortening the life of mobile phones. Also, when the temperature gets high enough, moisture will form inside your phone and this can damage your device's motherboard.

How to clean the phone?

To clean the mobile phone, first of all, do not use strong chemicals, cleaning detergents, liquid soaps, hard brushes, and objects that can cosmetically deform your device. You can use a soft cloth, ear cleaning stick, toothpick, and toothbrush for cleaning. The soft cloth used may be slightly damp. If you use a very wet cloth, water may get into your device and your device may come into contact with liquid.


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