It is normal for phones to get a little warm after being used for a certain period of time. As a result, electronic devices may become hot after a while due to electrical and mechanical parts. But if your phone gets too hot, your phone's lifespan will be shortened. “How many degrees does the phone withstand?” You will find answers to your questions in our article.

phone temperature

You can measure the degree on the phone by using the applications.

They are available in the Play Store and App Store. CPU Thermometer, CPU Monitor, CPU-Z applications on Android phones are some of these applications. By downloading these applications to your phone, you can monitor the temperature of your device. The temperature sensor is mostly found in every smartphone. This sensor prevents your phone from overheating and damaging the device. Otherwise, the consequences can be dangerous and costly. If the application is running but does not show a temperature value, your device may have another problem.

A smartphone generally has a temperature of around 50 degrees. There are also times when it drops to 40 degrees. When we start surfing the internet, this temperature rises to around 60 degrees. This temperature is a normal and ideal temperature. When we play games on the phone, the temperature should go up to 75 degrees at most. At the same time, connections such as 3G, 5G, Wifi should be turned off. Because when these connections are open, the device temperature can exceed 80 degrees. In this case, you enter the risk zone. If the temperature of your phone exceeds 90 degrees, permanent damage to the device may occur. Therefore, take care to keep your device between 50-60 degrees Celsius. This is the ideal phone temperature.

There are some factors that affect the temperature of your phone. These factors are:

  • Especially in the summer months, the temperature on the phones can increase due to the air temperature. This temperature is normal up to a certain level.
  • Keeping the phone in sun-exposed areas also causes your device to heat up. Phones fixed to glass while driving can get extremely hot. This may damage your phone.
  • When you continue to use your device while charging the phone, heat increase occurs both because of fast charging and because the game system forces it. This is a situation that damages your device.
  • Close unnecessary apps on your phone. These unnecessary applications also cause an increase in temperature.

Ways to Prevent Phone from Overheating:

  • Check whether apps are running in the background or not.
  • Don't skip updates because updates allow your device to perform better.
  • Keep your phone away from sun exposure.
  • Be careful when choosing a cover because some cases purchased to protect the phone may be harmful.
  • Be careful with battery usage.


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