Mobile phone short circuit detection can be done by experts in electronics. One of the important factors of the mobile phone short-circuits detection process is the availability of the mobile phone's motherboard diagram. With the mobile phone motherboard diagram, it is determined which circuits, diodes, integrated circuits are short-circuited and whether there is a short-circuit caused by broken paths. Another important factor is that the technical service person who will repair the phone knows the phone well. 

How does a short circuit happen on the phone?

The problem of how a short circuit happens in the phone is a very wide-ranging event. When the charger you are using gives a high current, it may cause the phone to have a short circuit by blowing up the data paths. When there is liquid contact on the mobile phone, it can cause many malfunctions because an electronic device with a continuous current can cause a certain part on the motherboard to burn by short-circuiting as it happens in liquid contact. In these cases, the chances of repairing the phone are reduced. In order to make the first intervention of the mobile phone, which is completely turned off after liquid contact, it is urgently necessary to intervene for repair and liquid cleaning by expert technical service officials.

After the software update, the phone may have short circuits that may occur. In electronic devices, software and hardware are brothers. The functions of the parts on the motherboard of the phone and the operation of the features are made by the commands given by the software. If the phones that are installed incorrectly or corrupted during the software installation cause problems with the parts of the phone called baseband and nand, this may turn into an irreversible malfunction.

Will the short-circuited phone work?

The short-circuited phone will not work until it is repaired. Some short circuits do not prevent the phone from turning on. It is necessary to check which parts the short circuit affects on the motherboard in the phone and whether these affected parts damage another part after the repair is done. After the short-circuit problems of the phone are resolved, the phone should be reassembled and the test procedures should be started. 

If the phone dropped into water short-circuited

If the phone dropped into water short-circuited, never try to charge it and force the phone to turn on. If there is liquid contact on the phone, and by constantly energizing the phone (by charging and trying to turn on the phone), you will make the motherboard of the phone worse. This is the biggest reason why the motherboard burns out after the phone is dropped in water. The phone should be cleaned by taking it to the technical services that are experts in the field, without waiting for the phone to be short-circuited. If the motherboard on the phone is exposed to liquid contact for a certain period of time, the motherboard begins to oxidize completely and these oxides rot the phone motherboard. In this case, there is no other way to make the phone work than by replacing the motherboard.

Is the information deleted from the short-circuited phone?

The actions to be taken on the short-circuited phone determine whether the information is deleted or not. After replacing the short-circuited parts, the software may need to be installed. After some parts have been replaced, the software must be thrown in order for the phone to be compatible with the motherboard. However, after the phone is turned on, information can be obtained and other repairs can be continued.


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