What is Google Maps? What functions does it have?

Google Maps, which is one of the applications found on almost everyone's mobile phone, is mostly used for navigation purposes. In addition, users can feel as if they are traveling there, thanks to the function of viewing all parts of the world in 3D. Thanks to this free application, users can view and navigate step-by-step streets, streets and other open spaces in a city of their choice.

Google Maps

Within the application, it is possible to see cafes, restaurants, historical places, parks, museums and other similar popular places near a certain point. In recent years, keywords, like “restaurant near me”, “cinema near me”, “supermarket near me” are being searched more. It is obvious that the number of people who search for “phone repair near me” has also been increasing. If you are in Massachusetts  - Waltham, Needham or Cambridge, and if you are looking for high quality phone repair service, you should choose our address on Google Maps and navigate to our repair shop.

Mobile phone technology is advancing very fast and phone brands are launching different models every day. Thanks to internet access, smart mobile phones are in demand for social media use. The phones we use are more sensitive than the old phones. For this reason, the probability of malfunction and damage is very high.

We, HFix Phones – smart device repair shop, which provides reliable phone repair service, safely repairs all brands of phones. With the teams we have formed, we can repair and replace parts of all brands of phones. We carry out repairs without losing the data on your phone and deliver them intact. When your phone is damaged or malfunctioning, you can deliver it with peace of mind.

Which services do we provide?

We provide all kinds of services for all mobile devices in our technical service. Technical services include screen replacement, battery replacement, front and rear camera replacement. Mobile phone users mostly wonder whether information such as pictures, videos or contacts information will be damaged when their phone malfunctions or is being repaired. We assure all our customers that the existing data on the devices delivered to them will not be lost. Before the operation, we back up the phone with special software and after making the backup we try to operate on the phone. We carry out all the operations, which are among the technical service options, professionally and enable you to easily use your defective phones again.

Since we serve as technical service, you can get information about any problem you encounter on your phone and request the necessary repairs. It is stated that it is mostly applied for problems such as battery replacement, screen replacement, sound problems. Regardless of the brand of mobile devices you use, we can easily and safely repair them.


If your iPad has a broken screen or any other issue, bring it to us. Our experts at HFix Phones are experienced in resolving any of your iPad issues on the same day.

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