iOS operating system

iOS was developed by Apple and only enables iPhone, iPad, Apple TV to work. Written in closed source and derived from Mac OS X, the iOS operating system supports 40 languages worldwide. iOS, one of the most famous operating systems in the world, provides many advantages from ease of use to security, from up-to-date to performance. Updating iOS devices ensures that there are no security vulnerabilities and that programs run more efficiently.

Apple devices, which stand out with their simple and stylish designs, offer ease of use. The main reason why iOS devices are preferred is that iOS has a user-friendly interface and it promises fast user experience on both smart devices and computers. There are no freezing problems on devices with the iOS operating system. Introduced with the iPhone 12 smartphone model, the Ceramic Shield (ceramic coating) protects the phone against impacts four times compared to the previous generation.

iOS, the operating system of the Apple brand, is a very closed system, so you cannot go beyond the limits allowed by the system, but this ensures that the phone is safe. Every iPhone released by Apple inflames the iOS or Android debate even more. Based on 2020, the iPhone 11 model was released and received a lot of criticism in terms of design, but it was still the best-selling smartphone of 2020.

The main reason why iPhone models sell so much is the brand name. Apart from that, the phone works in a very optimized way because the phones are kept up to date for a long time and it has its own operating system. Although an Android phone has much better features, the reason why it can't perform as well as an iPhone is that the optimization is not that good.

As for the weaker sides, first of all, the price is very high, there is no phone for every budget. Apart from that, phone accessories are also very high priced, especially in new iPhone models, this will become more problematic because the new iPhone models will not be supplied with chargers and headphones.

Android operating system

Android users claim that this open-source operating system provides freedom in the phone experience. Let's examine the veracity of these claims. Android is an operating system developed by the American company Google in 2007 and is used in tablets and computers as well as smartphones. The Linux-based Android operating system uses the Java programming language. It uses the "APK" code as the application extension.

The Android operating system creates uneasiness about cyber security because it is an open-source system. However, it has thousands of features at the same time and provides many advantages. The ability to download apps from stores, offering various hardware configurations (such as under-display fingerprint scanners, pop-up selfie cameras), widgets that provide quick access, and memory support make Android popular. Android offers free and extensible builds.

It is the operating system generally used by phone brands other than Apple. Phones with the Android operating system are much more affordable and there are more options because they use a lot of brands. It has a much more free usage area than Apple products. Downloading apps outside of the store is simple. Since the accessories of Android phones generally fit together, there is no shortage of accessories. Accessory prices are also affordable.

Coming to the weaker sides of Android phones, they are not as successful as iOS in terms of optimization, and it can be said that they are problematic compared to Apple phones in terms of security. Apart from these, phones slow down after a certain period of time.


iOS phones are definitely superior in terms of update time. While Apple continues to receive updates for a very long time, Android phones do not receive updates soon.

On devices with Android operating systems, the battery can be disconnected from the device. On devices with the iOS operating system, the battery comes integrated into the device. For this reason, on devices with Android operating systems, you can replace the battery yourself when it breaks down. On Android phones, some battery life is better than iPhone, some worse, that is completely dependent on the model.

Devices with the IOS operating system can work very well integrated with other Apple products. However, for example, it may not be able to integrate with your Windows installed computer with the same performance. Android devices are easier to integrate with other plug-and-play devices.

In such a large market and making such big investments, we cannot make an inference that one of the two operating systems is good and another one is bad. Both operating systems have strengths and weaknesses. 


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