Because of using our smartphones non-stop, they lose their battery power over time. But it depends on us how to extend this period. If we follow the correct charging rules, we can use our phone for a much longer time

There are several rules that you have to know about charging:

- When your battery is more than half discharged, charging your phone and repeating it several times during the day increases the performance of your battery.

- You should pay attention to instructions which are given to you while buying the smartphone and follow the correct method for initial charging.

- Charging cables and adapters differ in quality too. It is difficult to get the same efficiency with non-original chargers. Therefore, when your charger breaks down, choose the original when buying a new one.

- It is a significant disadvantage that your battery often runs out completely. Each battery has a certain tolerance for complete shutdown, after a while the battery will react to this situation. You should pay attention to this and your phone should go to the charging phase without a battery warning.

- Phone batteries usually have a memory feature. In other words, if you charge your phone mostly between 15% and 85%, your phone may no longer recognize below 15% and above 85% and only start working in this range.

- If you are not going to use your phone for a certain period of time, it is best to keep it closed. But here it is also an important point to turn on your phone from time to time and charge it for a certain period of time.

Is fast charging harmful?

The fast charging adapter provides more electrical current and charges your phone in less time. So, is fast charging harmful? If your phone has a fast charging feature, you don't have to be afraid. It means that your phone has already been manufactured in accordance with this feature. But you should not use a fast charging adapter on a phone that does not have a fast charging feature.


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