In today's world, with the dominance of smartphones, problems such as the problem of not making phone calls frequently arise. If your phone does not make a call, it can be due to the brand and model, but in some cases, it can be a sign of technical malfunctions. The technical problems of the service providers you use may even cause you to be unable to make calls with your phone. You can find some informative details about this problem in this article.

No Network or Service Issue

If you are experiencing the problem that the phone does not make calls due to network or no service problems, it is useful to check the magnet of your SIM card in the first place. If the problem is not caused by the SIM card, some software problems remain. For this, you need to enter the settings section of your phone and change your phone's network to 3G or 4/4.5G. Choosing a single network provider will solve your problem as it will prevent your phone from going back and forth between others.

Problems Due to VoLTE and Data Roaming Features

If you cannot make a call or send an SMS from your phone, it may not always be due to the network or service provider. If you have tried the solution above and your phone still cannot make a call, you can disable the VoLTE feature by entering the cellular data section in the settings menu. If this did not work, you can find a solution in a different way by entering Cellular Networks from the menu and turning off Data Roaming.

Issues Caused by Airplane Mode or Date and Time

If you are a smartphone user, there may be several issues that prevent you from making calls with your phone. One of them is the case of the airplane mode being activated spontaneously or accidentally, which is common on phones with touch screens. Therefore, whether you use an IOS or Android processor phone, the first thing you need to do is to check whether the airplane mode is active. Even if your airplane mode is not active, you can also solve this problem by activating this mode for 10 seconds and turning it off again. In addition, if your date and time settings are in another zone, this may also prevent you from making calls. That's why you should check your date and time settings when you encounter such a problem.

Checking IMEI on Phones

Many of the people who have network problems on their phones, realized that they had these problems because their phones did not actually have an IMEI. That’s why, everyone should test whether the code known as the "International Mobile Equipment Identity" exists on their phone or not.

Is Your Phone Model Outdated?

If you are using an older model other than smartphones, these phones will cause you to experience various network and service problems. The problem of your phone not making calls is one of the most common problems with phones like these.


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