A South Korea-based news agency announced that LG has officially stopped producing smartphones. According to the statements made on the subject, LG will direct the factory where it produces phones in Vietnam to the production of household appliances.

What is the reason to stop producing smartphones?

LG hit the market early with a slew of mobile phone innovations, including ultra-wide-angle cameras, and at its peak in 2013 was the world's third-largest smartphone maker after Samsung and Apple. Technology firm LG decided to close its long-losing smartphone division in April and stopped production of smartphones officially on May 31. Its decision to withdraw was cited as causing it to lose its 10% stake in North America, where it is the number 3 brand, to domestic rivals Samsung and Apple. The company states that existing consumers will not be affected by this situation, it announced that the warranty, service and software update processes would continue as they were.

What will happen after stopping the production of smartphones?

LG used to manufacture smartphones in the giant factory in Vietnam. The cessation of smartphone production as of today has rendered this factory dysfunctional. However, LG seems to want to start using this huge factory without wasting time. According to the news, the factory will produce home appliances after being redesigned.

If you already have an LG phone, you don't have to worry any more for a while. Because the company will continue to provide software updates to its devices, which will vary from region to region. Phones that have already been released and waiting in stores will remain on the shelves until they run out of stock. These devices will eventually disappear altogether.

LG, which was among the important players of the sector with its phones, especially the G and V series, has experienced a serious blood loss in the past 3-4 years. Its name has not been mentioned at all in recent years, especially after the problems that arose in the phones and the grievances experienced during the service process. Although LG has stopped producing phones, some models will continue to receive the Android 12 update. In fact, some of LG's models produced this year will be able to receive the Android 13 update.


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